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IRS 1099's

Regarding paid contractors for Adassa Global Health LLC:


Independent contractors are temporary workers that provide goods or services to another company under specified terms outlined in a contract, such as an Independent Contractor Agreement. Independent contractors can be individual workers, companies or corporations. They are typically compensated on a per-project basis, and their employers are not responsible for withholding taxes from their pay. Instead of receiving a W-2 like traditional workers, independent contractors must report self-employment income with a Form 1099.

If you were a contractor that made under $600 with Adassa Global Health LLC,  AGH will not be reporting your earnings on form 1099 Misc. 


We are only required by the IRS to send out a Form 1099-MISC to all contractors who were hired and paid more than $600 during the year. 


Contractors who have earned more than $600 have been emailed their 1099's. Please check your email, SPAM or Junk Mail folder for receipt.

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