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Dedicated to Providing the Best Case Management, Field Reporting & HIM/EHR Services.

Providing Healthcare Management.


Adassa Global Health, LLC is a full service healthcare management, case management and HIM/EHR company that provides a dedicated team of Professionals to assist Insurance Companies, Facilities and Managed Care Organizations in keeping their clients or plan members from experiencing unnecessary Emergency Room visits, subsequent Hospitalizations and processing the documentation required for optimized care.  


Adassa Global Health partners with those entities to provide a personalized plan of care for their chronically ill clients, implement wellness programs to decrease the frequency of claims and assess applicants for insurability.


Our Care Managers are licensed, clinical professionals that have been trained one-on-one to accomplish the client’s goals for a number of in-home and telephonic assessments.


  • Wellness Assessments

  • Healthcare Risk Assessments



  • And many other services See more >>


Our Care Managers and Field Reporters act as advocates and navigators to assist members and patients with accessing benefits and resources.  


They are the client’s coach for resolution regarding disease management, self-care, medication reconciliation (to help avoid medication confusion), and identification of gaps or barriers to care (without providing direct care themselves).


  • RN's

  • NP's

  • LPN's

  • MSW's

  • CCW's

  • HIM/EHR Specialists

Better Care Starts with You!




A. Brown


“They were their when I truly needed them. They were able to get my office and business back into shape.”



“We were able to collect on our lost billables after their review. Our providers were more than pleased.”




"We are more than impressed with your turn around time. Our client had only positive remarks to say.”


R. Stein

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